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Signature Regional Law Firm is a firm that addresses all legal issues that an organization may face in its current business. We advise our clients in a comprehensive and regional manner, offering a close and high quality service experience in all the countries where we operate.

With a comprehensive philosophy we help companies in all their needs, from the formation, operation, internationalization, and possible succession of their organizations ensuring that our customers always feel accompanied.

  • Arbitration
  • Banking and Finance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Law
  • Environmental Business
  • Fintech
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation
  • New Technologies Law
  • Project Structuring
  • Real estate
  • Tax
  • Wealth Management



Our regional team of lawyers has extensive experience in national or international arbitrations.

Whether the arbitration is institutional or Ad Hoc, our attorneys will be able to assist you promptly and effectively. We have participated as part or as arbitrators in diverse processes before different national and international instances. We integrate our teams with lawyers specialized in arbitration and in the matters on which it deals, as well as from the different jurisdictions involved, creating comprehensive teams that offer better results.

Our experience includes the processing of arbitrations involving more than one jurisdiction, whether we have a presence or not, as well as the processing of processes before various arbitration venues.

In turn, we maintain close relationships with organizations dedicated to the processing and promotion of arbitrations in the world as well as firms from different countries to offer our clients efficient and comprehensive advice on arbitration.

Specialists in this area:

Banking and Finance

Bancario bursatil y financiero

The Signature Regional Law Firm team advises financial, banking, related companies and clients that are related to these entities in their operations, both nationally and internationally. The advice we provide includes the structuring of complex loans, establishment and release of guarantees, compliance with the regulation of supervised entities as well as individuals in relation to their obligations with local and international governments.

We have lawyers in subspecialized areas such as Block Chain, Secured Transactions, Derivatives, Project Finance and investments in financial markets.

Specialists in this area:

Corporate Governance

Gobierno Corporativo

In order to institutionalize and professionalize a company, it is necessary to have Corporate Governance. 

Signature offers our clients tools to configure, structure, and develop the processes and regulations necessary to give continuity to their business, under international standards of Corporate Governance, adjusted to their company.


Our goal is that our clients can make decisions with management mechanisms, control and business efficiency, under a culture of risk, adjusted to the size and reality of their business.


We advise on “Know your Client” processes, codes of conduct, compliance programs as well as training related to crime prevention for the criminal liability of legal entities. 

We advise clients from all industries, especially those that are highly regulated such as financial and insurance institutions and organizations with international operations, with compliance officers duly certified by the Florida International Bankers Association (FIBA)

Specialists in this area:



Signature Regional Law Firm is committed to providing our clients with comprehensive advice on corporate matters, making available to them its specialized professionals in the different areas of their business.

Our services include, among other things
Mergers and Acquisitions
Business Due Diligence
Assistance in the preparation and review of complex contracts amongst others

Specialists in this area:

Environmental Business

negocios ambientales

Signaturelex Regional Law Firm has a team of experts with extensive experience in the region, specializing in identifying and developing environmental business focusing on the following aspects:

• We enhance your capabilities to increase the efficiency of the production processes and identify new sustainable business opportunities.
• We strengthen your knowledge so that you can adapt the economic activities and become more resilient to climate phenomena.
• We provide tools that allow you to include environmental and social criteria in the decision making, in order to improve your performance and competitiveness.

The main services we offer are the following:
• Environmental regulatory framework, requirements and legal procedures.
• Identification and design of green businesses (improving efficiency in production processes, waste recycling, renewable energy, ecosystem management, recovery of degraded lands).
• Opportunity cost analysis of alternatives to invest in green businesses.
• Strategies for adaptation to climate change in the agricultural sector.
• Climate change vulnerability studies.
• Access to carbon markets.
• Calculation of carbon footprint (Carbon Neutrality).
• Corporate environmental management.

Specialists in this area:



One of the biggest challenges the Fintech industry faces when starting a project is the lack of legal counsel who understands their disruptive business model. This situation takes on greater importance in the absence of regulation to encourage Fintech innovation, as is the case in Latin America.

At Signature Regional Law Firm we understand your business and are here to assist you with regulators and clients in new ways to provide services, using technology in financial matters through Fintech.

Our aim is to accompany Fintech start-ups and entrepreneurs in their growth, stimulating greater competition in the financial sector

Specialists in this area:


Signature Regional Law Firm has extensive experience in providing care and advice in the insurance industry to both companies dedicated to the insurance industry and to individuals in their relationships with the industry.

The high level of regulation of the insurance industry both locally and internationally requires us to always be up-to-date with the latest news and regulations that may affect the sector, in order to be able to advise our clients promptly and effectively.

At the same time, we are specialists in litigation related to the insurance industry in Central America, being lawyers for some of the most important insurers in several countries in the region.

Being litigation advisers to these entities has given us the necessary vision to be able to foresee contingencies and make sure to mitigate them when we advise on the establishment, operation and operation of insurance companies.

Specialists in this area:

Intellectual property

Our Intellectual Property practice is the banner of our integration. Applying for the protection of intellectual property assets in the Region to Signature Regional Law Firm is like requesting the protection of an asset in only one jurisdiction, since we have integrated processes that guarantee the protection of your assets in all countries where we operate with a single contact point.

We are also a strong firm in matters of litigation related to Intellectual Property assets, and we have solid litigation teams in all countries that defend the rights of our clients in matters of Intellectual Property.

The services that the firm provides include:

National and International Brands
Patents and Inventions
Trademark, Patent and Copyright Litigation
Unfair Competition Litigation
Domain Name Protection
Intellectual Property Asset Audits
Protection of the Right to Image
Information Technology Law
Terms and conditions of use
Contracts related to Intellectual Property Assets

Specialists in this area:


We understand all the implications that litigation can have on the personal lives and businesses of our clients and from that perspective we develop our practice.

We have litigation attorneys with a business perspective in all the firm’s offices, who will seek to resolve disputes in the most efficient way, not only from a legal perspective but from a business perspective.

Whether in personal claims, business lawsuits, multi-party or multi-jurisdictional lawsuits, our attorneys will always have your interests at the center of the strategy to execute.

We have handled complex litigation in corporate, civil, criminal, Intellectual Property, Banking and Finance, insurance and reinsurance, relations with the State (Administrative) in all instances, from judicial to constitutional.

Specialists in this area:

New Technologies Law

Derecho de las tecnologias

The world is constantly changing, and much of the change in the way we do things comes from technological developments and innovations. We have lawyers specialized in the legal accompaniment of technological aspects.

We advise on issues related to Blockchain, data protection, terms and conditions, intellectual and industrial property in a digital environment, digital contracting, contracts related to new technologies (outsourcing, licensing, management and ownership of source code, ecommerce) alternative dispute resolution in digital environments, financing with digital format or “Crowdfunding” and structuring of organizations with a strong component of innovation and digital operation.

We know the legal implications of technological innovations and we advise our clients so that they can operate in digital environments in compliance with applicable regulations, understanding that these environments cross borders and therefore we must take into account a global regulatory compliance and not exclusively local.

Specialists in this area:

Project Structuring

Estructuracion de proyectos

We are passionate about accompanying our clients in the development of their projects, from the initial idea to making them a reality. 

Our multidisciplinary team has specialized in solving integrally all the incidences in the different stages of the project development to contribute to its success, by means of the association with our clients to transform their organizations in ways that manage to carry out their projects in a successful way.

Our technical, legal and economic advice is intermingled to generate invaluable support to our clients throughout the Central American region.

Specialists in this area:

Real estate


At Signature Regional Law Firm we know the real estate market of all the countries where we are present.

We offer legal solutions within the real estate industry that allow our clients to structure projects in the most efficient and successful way.

We assist our clients in the acquisition of land, project structuring, creation of horizontal property regimes, neighbor regulations, establishment of easements, and all services related to the structuring of real estate projects.

At the same time, we create multidisciplinary teams with our experts in areas such as tax or estate planning and currency management or transfer prices to structure the schemes in order to optimize returns for both the real estate developer and end customers, guaranteeing the best structuring. possible for both parties.

Our Real Estate Law attorneys always have the primary objective of understanding the expectations and projections of the projects they advise with the aim of using legal structures to help our clients meet their objectives and performance.

Specialists in this area:


At Signature we are regionally structured to facilitate our clients’ operations.

This regional structuring acquires greater importance in tax and fiscal matters where a structuring in one country must take into account the operations and movements of the entity in other countries in order to be efficient in its relationship with the tax authorities.

We minimize the tax impact on our clients’ operations with innovative structures and tools that allow them to comply with the law but maintain efficient management of their assets.

Specialists in this area:

Wealth Management

The assets of our clients must be taken seriously.

We incorporate “Wealth Management” tools in our consultancies with the intention of preserving and protecting the results of the efforts of our clients.

We take into account family dynamics, asset repatriation, currency movements and the intentions of our clients to recommend and structure local and international tools that allow them to safeguard and increase their family assets.

Having a firm office in Panama provides us with an experience unmatched by other firms in the region in the relationship and use of estate planning tools and their local impact in other Central American countries, allowing us to create schemes for our clients more dynamic and attached to their specific objectives with a solidity both local and international.

Specialists in this area: