Edgar Emilio León Díaz


+506 4070-1919

No.166, avenida 46, entre calle 121 y 125, Pinares, Curridabat San José, Costa Rica, Centroamérica

Edgar Emilio León Díaz

Costa Rica

Edgar Emilio León Díaz is a lawyer and notary who has been practicing law for more than 32 years in the areas of Bankruptcy, Civil, Commercial and Corporate Law.

Edgar Emilio León-Díaz specializes in

– Bankruptcy Law

– Civil Law

– Commercial Law

– Corporate Law.

Among his many professional activities, the following can be highlighted

– Lawyer and External Notary of the National Institute of Cooperative Development.  2004 to date.

– Co-writer of the Costa Rican Securities Law. 2013.

– Lawyer and Notary Public, Esquivel and Associates Law Firm. 2004 – 2010.

– Lawyer and Notary Public, Aguilar Rojas Law Firm. 2002 – 2004.

– External Notary of the National Institute of Housing and Urbanism. 2000 – 2002.

– Lawyer and Notary Public, Bufete Apéstegui y Barrantes. 1988 – 2002.


In the educational area, he has performed the following academic activities:

– Professor at the University of Costa Rica in the Real Estate Law, Universal Trials and Commercial Law Department, and in the Master’s Degree in Notary and Registry Law.

– Professor of the Universidad Latina in the courses of Special Notary’s office of Commercial Law, Special Notary’s office of Civil Law and Modern Mercantile Contracts.

– Professor at Universidad Escuela Libre de Derecho in the Doctorate Program, in the courses of Banking Law and Stock Exchange Law.

– Guest professor at Universidad Tecnológica UNITEC in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in the courses of Modern Commercial Contracts and Bankruptcy Proceedings.

At an international level he has recently participated as an international panelist at the Pacific Rim Colloquium, Santiago de Chile. October 2013