Pedro Bernal Chaves Corrales

Pedro Bernal Chaves Corrales


+506 4070-1919

No.166, avenida 46, entre calle 121 y 125, Pinares, Curridabat San José, Costa Rica, Centroamérica

Pedro Bernal Chaves Corrales

Costa Rica

Lic. Pedro Chaves is a Senior Associate, attorney and notary public that has more than 35 years of experience in commercial, corporative, and banking law with an emphasis in exchange posts and free zones.

He has experience working for national and international companies and also for public and private banks. 

He studied at the University of Costa Rica, where he obtained his law degree with honors, in 1986. Six years later, he got a specialization in commercial law from the same university and also with the same recognition of academic excellence. 

Actually, he is coursing the doctorate at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

In 1993, he opened his own legal office named CHC Abogados and started his remarkable professional career. In September 2023, he joined Signaturelex as Senior Associate. 

His labor experience includes advice to chamber and associations, in which we could mention: Zona Franca de Exportación S.A, Cámara de Productores de Leche, la Asociación de Criadores de Ganado Holstein, Asociación de Criadores de Ganado Jersey y la Cámara Nacional de Agricultura.

Part of the immense experience that Mr. Chaves has won during the last years in the public sector is because he has worked as adviser, in multiply public institutions, such as:

  • Municipality of Desamparados (1999 to now)
  • National Bank (2005- now)
  • Municipality of Montes de Oca (2001 to now)
  • BAC (2007-2019) 
  • IMAS (2001-2007)
  • National Insurance Institute (2001)
  • Municipality of Escazú (2000-2007)
  • Municipality of The Unión (2000-2007) 
  • National Directorate of Social Development and Family Allowances (no date) 
  1. National Institute of Housing and Urbanism (1999-2008) 

He also possesses a vast experience being a notary public in financial institutions specifically in area of trusts, mortgages, collateral security, guarantees in general and transfer of leasing portfolios.

Mr. Chaves is an accredited arbitrator of the Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica and the Association Iberoamerican of Intellectual Property (ASIPI). He is also an associate of the Center of Legal Studies J. Francisco Chaverri Rodriguez, with campus at the Costa Rican Lawyers’ school. As a member he collaborates with the Legal Affairs Committee of the Legislative Assembly in the review of different bills.

Additionally, he had participated in boards of directors, such as the followings:

  • Adviser to the Board of Directors of the College of Psychologists (2003- 2006).
  • Member of the National Register Board (1996-2000)
  • Member of the board of the bar association (1997-1998)
  • Vice- President of the Association of Professional Associations of Costa Rica (1996-1998)

Mr. Chaves has an amply and distinguished trajectory experience as a university teacher. During the last 35 years, he has contributed in an outstanding way with the educations of multiply law students in different institutions, such as the followings:

  • irector of the Professor of Commercial Law, University of Costa Rica (2002- to now).
  • Professor of Commercial Law, University of Costa Rica(1994 to now)
  • Director of the Teaching Area, law school, University of Costa Rica (2014 to now).
  • Vice- Dean of the Law School, University of Costa Rica (2007-2009).
  • Professor of Commercial Law, Ulacit, 1994
  • Legislation for Real Estate Brokers, Panamerican University, San Agustin (1991-1992)
  • Professor of General Theory of the State, ULACIT (1991-1992).
  • Turist Legislation, Colegio Universitario de Cartago ( 1991-1992)
  • Profesor of Commercial Law, Escuela Libre de Derecho, UACA, 198

He speaks Spanish and English