Margarita Herman González


+502 2303-4444

15 calle 1-04 zona 10, Edificio Céntrica Plaza, Torre 1, Oficina 402 Guatemala, Guatemala

Margarita Herman González


Has been a lawyer and notary since two thousand eight and has developed her practice in the areas of Commercial, Civil, Notary, Financial, Labor, Administrative and International Public Law. She has extensive experience in corporate, labor and financial matters.

Part of her professional practice has been:

Legal Assistant.  Bonilla, Montano, Toriello & Barrios. (Law Firm) (December 2005 to January 2009). Working in the areas of Notarial Law, Commercial Law, Civil Law, Administrative Law, Civil and Commercial Procedural Law, with special emphasis on Corporate Law and Financial Law, final revision of the Draft Bill of Guarantees.

Legal Advisor to the Legal Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (February 2009 to March 2012).

Independent professional practice as a lawyer, notary and legal advisor. (April 2012 to 2014).  Working in the areas of Commercial Law, Civil Law, Administrative Law, Notarial Law. Legal advice in various branches of the Law especially in Corporate, Labor, Administrative, Contracts and Financial issues.

In the teaching area, she is Assistant Professor at the Francisco Marroquín University School of Law from July 2012 to the date of the courses of Notary Law I, Notary Law II and Notary Law III.

She studied her undergraduate degree at the Francisco Marroquín University School of Law where she obtained the titles of Attorney at law and Notary Public with a Cum Laude degree.

In 2012 he completed his studies in the Master of Legal Negotiation at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, obtaining the title of Master in Legal Negotiation.