Rogelio Manuel Zarceño Ruiz


+502 2303-4444

15 calle 1-04 zona 10, Edificio Céntrica Plaza, Torre 1, Oficina 402 Guatemala, Guatemala

Rogelio Manuel Zarceño Ruiz


Is a Lawyer and Notary, with professional practice since 2003. Has specialized in the areas of Civil and Commercial litigation, Corporate Law, Insurance Law, Real Estate Law and Administrative Law.

He studied his undergraduate degree at the Francisco Marroquín University, where he obtained the title of Lawyer and Notary, with the distinction Magna Cum Laude and where he also received the Antonio Machado award. He completed his postgraduate studies in Contracting and International Financial Markets at the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Toledo, Spain.


In the year two thousand and six he completed his studies as a Magister Artium in Finance and Taxation, at the University Francisco Marroquín.

In the year two thousand nine he completed his PhD studies in Law at the Universidad Mariano Gálvez.

In the teaching area, he has performed the following academic activities:

Professor of Law of Obligations I and II

Professor of Practical Civil Procedure Law I

Assistant Professor of Civil Contracts

Assistant Professor of Mergers and Acquisitions


Among his many professional activities, the following can be mentioned:

External advisor to Seguros Privanza, Sociedad Anónima

External advisor to Aseguradora General, Sociedad Anónima

External advisor to Farmamédica, Sociedad Anónima

External advisor of Tivoli Travel and Tourism Agency, a public limited company

Some of his publications are:

Securitization: A Legally Enabled Financial Mechanism to Enable the Development of the Mortgage Market.

He is fluent in Spanish and English.