Ernesto Espinoza Morales


+505 2278-7978

Reparto San Juan IV Etapa, Avenida Suroeste No. 169, Managua, Nicaragua

Ernesto Espinoza Morales


is a senior external associate of the firm. He has been an attorney since 2001 and his practice has focused on the areas of legal counseling and litigation in intellectual property, civil law, commercial, labor and family law, as well as all matters related to Notary Public and judicial collections.


He has a law degree from the Catholic University of Nicaragua “Redemptoris Mater” and has the title of Attorney and Notary Public by the Supreme Court of Justice of Nicaragua. He studied a postgraduate degree in Family Law at the University of Valle (UNIVALLE), in Managua and a postgraduate degree in Civil Procedure Law at the same University. He is an Authorized Mediator by the Direction of Alternative Resolution of Conflicts (DIRAC).

Among his professional activities, it is worth mentioning that Ernesto has held the following positions

– Labor Inspector, assigned to the Service sector and later on Departmental Inspector in the Ministry of Labor. (MITRAB), (1997-1998);

– Head of Trademarks and Copyrights and subsequently Alternate Registrar in the Directorate of the Intellectual Property Registry of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Commerce of Nicaragua (1998-2001);

– Legal Advisor in the area of Intellectual Property. Carrying out, everything related to the Registry of Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights and Sanitary Registrations in the Firm Estudio Caldera, S.A. (2001-2002 y 2004-2006);

– Analyst in the investigation of cases related to human rights violations in the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman, (2002-2004);

– Legal advisor in the area of credit cards for Banco de la Producción (PROMERICA), (2004-2006);

– Legal Advisor in the area of Credit Cards for Banco LAFISE-BANCENTRO (2011-2012);

– Litigant Lawyer at the Firm Pérez – Escobar & Cía. Ltda., specialized in the recovery of extrajudicial and judicial portfolios, (2012-2015)

– Litigant Lawyer – Independent, with emphasis, in intellectual property, civil, commercial, labor and family matters, as well as everything related to notary public, (2015- to date)

– Senior External Associate of the Firm Rene Ruiz Quezada & Asociados” (LEGIS), now Signature Regional Law Firm (Nicaragua), (2015- to date)

He has also been a public official for various state institutions, such as the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade and the Office of the Procurator for the Defence of Human Rights.